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Dry Port

The Cato Ridge Development Project is aimed at improving the Ports efficiency and create additional capacity through decongestion of the Port Precinct and Durban CBD in an attempt to keep up with economic growth.
The Cato Ridge Dry Port will improve Durban Port efficiency as it is one of the main determinants of international transport costs and this will reduce the overall cost of logistics

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The establishment of project specific incubation hub to empower projects like Agro-processing, the local SME industry will be developed, grown and supported. To encourage and support new investment in productive sectors of the economy to reduce poverty and inequality. Encourages significant new domestic and international investment. Create more opportunities for new market entrants through preferential procurement measures and expanded support to small and medium-sized business-

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Cato Ridge is a largely rural community with a high unemployment rate, the Project is estimated to create 5000 jobs during construction and between 10 000-15 000 permanent jobs. Through the establishment of a project specific incubation hub, the local SME industry will be developed, grown and supported.Creating a better quality of life for the residents by CRLHC's involvement in improving education, culture and recreation activities in the community

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Shopping Malls

Improved standards of living for resident's human settlement and human development. Poverty and inequality alleviation The Cato Ridge Dry Port will be a significant contributor of economic growth to South Africa. Creation of industries that will empower more black owned businesses. The project aims to develop and grow existing SMEs within Cato Ridge.

Our Projects

01. Primary Project:Catalystic Core Projects (TILT)

  • Tank Farm
  • Intermodal & Automotive Terminal
  • Logistics & Industrial Park
  • Truck Stop & Staging

02.Secondary Project

  • Agro-processing
  • Timber Manufacturing
  • Automotive Assembly/Parts
  • LED light Manufacturing
  • Jet Toilet Manufacturing

03. Tertiary Project

  • Human Sattlemenr
  • Office parks
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Innovation Hub

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